BIM for Facilitise Management

Strategic partnership with FM technology provider ARCHIBUS, enable our consultants to deploy solutions that fit your organization’s unique needs and objectives. Create and deliver Smart Buildings with our solutions to better manage your infrastructure and facilities, reducing overall costs and improving asset utilization.

Increase your ROI

Our solutions include a comprehensive suite of modules that are able to be configured to your facilities needs and requirements and with the flexibility to add on any features for future expansion and requirements, and seamless integration with a system like BIM, SAP, ORACLE and create a powerful tool for the entire organization to capitalize on the resources.

REDSTACK provides standard implementation methodology with our specialist consultants for project management, configuration, customization, and user acceptance testing of the system to ensure successful implementation of solutions for your organization.

Maintain control over your data.

Keeping information secure and having control over your documents and data is critical to the continued growth and success of your business. Effective data management allows you to identify areas of need such as improving engineering staff productivity or decreasing wasted raw materials and incorrect drawings for construction.

We also help you adapt and maintain a constantly growing infrastructure to best support your business objectives. We will work with you to identify, recommend, and implement an effective document management solution through comprehensive services