Benefits of Outsource BIM

BIM (Building Information Modelling) has been proven to offer a range of benefits on design and construction projects. However, it does rely on a well executed implementation. By outsourcing BIM to an experienced and professional organization like Redstack, you not only realize all the following benefits of BIM, but you also reduce the risk associated with a failed implementation.

Benefits of BIM

  • Cost reductions
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced material waste
  • Increased certainty and more accurate planning
  • Improved quality and availability of data for decision making
  • Improved coordination and collaboration
  • Assured asset performance throughout the building lifecycle through effective facilities management
  • Enhanced data management capabilities
  • Improved cost and scheduling estimations
  • Reduction in number of errors
  • Improved coordination and project planning
  • Reduction in clashes and conflicts during construction
  • Improved construction sequencing and alternative design evaluation
  • Significant reduction in RFIs and administration costs
  • Outstanding visualisation and presentation capabilities for sales and marketing
  • Accurate scheduling and just in time construction material ordering
  • Improved planning, site operation and onsite logistics
  • Accurate cost and quantity take off estimations
  • 3D animations, visuals and walkthroughs
  • Detailed drawings for prefabrication

Redstack can operate as your BIM Manager, taking on the whole BIM side of your projects, or we can work with your BIM Manager to implement BIM successfully.

In addition to BIM projects completed by Redstack, see the following case studies for more information on how many companies are saving huge amounts of time and money with successful implementation of BIM on design and construction projects:

  • Turner Construction: Airport infrastructure project
  • Shanghai Tower: High Rise Sustainable Design
  • Northumbria University: BIM for Facilities Management
  • HDR: Strategic Implementation of BIM
  • Consigli Construction: BIM helps deliver University Campus on time and under budget
  • iNFRANEA: BIM for rivers, road and bridges
  • Balfour Beatty: BIM speeds luxury hotel completion