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March 5, 2021

REDSTACK & NSW  Collaborate in a business that integrates BIM and IoT

NSW realize Digital Twin for manufacture and construction industry through inregration of both BIM and IoT ~

Both REDSTACK Pte.Ltd. (Head Office:Singapore, CEO Japri Maming) and NIPPON SYSTEMWARE CO., LTD. (Head Office:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Shoji Tada), hereinafter referred to as NSW informed that both REDSTACK and NSW collaborate in BIM (Building Information Modeling)-IoT (Internet of things) solution business that integrate IoT with BIM and start to sell “TWIN CLiQ” and “DFAMP (Digital Facility & Assets Management Platform)” of REDSTACK.

BIM(Building Information Modeling ※1)is centralized information management system regarding construction life cycle e such as design, construction and maintenance/operation and is paid attention from many kinds of fields such as construction and manufacturing industry.

NSW promote positively DX (Digital Transformation) such as BIM-IoT business and Digital Twin ※2) for construction/ manufacture industry and facility maintenance by realization of using “TWIN CLiQ” and “DFAMP (Digital Facility & Assets Management Platform)” of REDSTACK .

“TWIN CLiQ” of REDSTACK is BIM Viewer with secured system that can manipulate intuitively and easily on web, resulted in solution for streaming operation in construction project, labor shortage and technical succession. “DFAMP” is Digital Twin tool on web to realize cost reduction through digitalization of manual work such as maintenance / operation of building and facility.

Linking these systems with NSW IoT platform “Toami”, user can visualize many kinds of facility / building information regarding manufacturing industry and so on and grasp movement of people and things in real time using NSW AI Solution “Toami Vision”. NSW AI Solution “Toami Analytics” also promote to realize Digital Twin by simulation such as facility maintenance prediction, automatic discrimination of quality maintenance and budgeting.

■ Image diagram of both TWIN CLiQ and DFAMP

Both REDSTACK and NSW offer BIM-IoT solution for many kinds of fields such as construction / manufacturing industry, commercial facility and maintenance and support efficiency of each phase from design / construction to maintenance / operation while both REDSTACK and NSW aim to expand business domain.

  • (※1) BIM is to construct building in.3D space on your computer and is centralized information management system regarding construction life cycle e such as design, construction and maintenance/operation.
  • (※2)Digital Twin technology is the digitalization of design, construction and operating regarding construction industry and facility / Equipment information regarding manufacturing industry and reproduction of same environment as reality in virtual space.

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■About REDSTACK Pte. Ltd.

REDSTACK was formed from a dedicated expertise that represented the best skill in 3D Engineering, Modeling and Programing with latest technologies focused on developing Digitalization Platform to Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Real-Estate. REDSTACK has a local presence in both Singapore and Australia for over 25 years and offices located at Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippine, Qatar and Germany. Refer below in details.



Since its establishment in 1966, NSW is offering one-stop solution such as cloud service, based on System construction for industries such as manufacturing and distribution and IT infrastructure design / operation and in-house data-center operation. NSW develops embedded system development regarding in-vehicle and communication / Equipment fields and design LSI / board. NSW focus on AI and IoT area and offers solution and service based on IoT Platform “Toami” using accumulated NSW know-how and aims to become enterprise that leads the realization of DX that customers hope. Refer below in details.


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